Friday, July 23, 2010

30 min sketch

eh just a fun quick one...not quite sure wat kinda vehicle this is...i think its one of those
which i will leave up to u guys to decide and imagine lol


Chrys Roos said...

Your blog is very very amazing
i like your style so much
makes me remember another designer called David Day Lee i think you know his too
you have great skills!
i'm student and i like car design too

emotive* said...

Hey I've looked through your blog and I'm in awe at what you can do. Your rendering style is awesome, as are your designs! Thanks for the inspiration!

BTW are you han from CDN forums?

hanbin youn said...

hey thanks guys yeah i do know david of course haha he is really good designer. and yeah i am from cdn forums but havnt gone there for a long time haha

emotive* said...

Haha wow so it IS you! I remember I printed out an Acura coupe marker render that you did a while ago and I thought it was the best thing ever =]

juliusdc said...


Yu-sung, Choi said...

It looks so great man. I really inspired from you. Are you use photoshop or painter? It looks painter works.