Saturday, February 21, 2009


almost done!!
haha special thanks to hoj, ichang for fixing my perspective!


Mason said...

im guessing this is on vellum?

well these are just amaing Han, i love it when you post stuff, it blows me away.. i would really appreciate if u could make a tutorial...possibly?

well great work, and BTW do u use copic sketch markers or original?

Hojeong Kim said...


Mason said...

haha thats cool, i hope one day to attend ACCD..

Is it fun?

well good work, and are your copics the original kind or sketch bc i need to buy some new markers..?

Mason said...

thats cool, yea im trying to find my new technique..especially with markers...i think im gonna get some copics..

thanks for replying
also, u have an amazing tech. with the markers, its crazy you just started using them!